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Join Pam Cho, Wednesday, April 24, 6-7:30 PM for a Forest Bathing session - one of the most exciting and growing relaxation practices being used by wellness practitioners around the world. 


This event will be held outside in nature! Be sure to dress for the weather. We will meet at Highland Cemetery, 2167 Dixie Hwy in Ft. Mitchell, KY, 41017. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time. Parking will be on the right hand side, past the administration building. 


Shinrin-Yoku (“Bathing in the Healing Elements of the Forest) is an evidence-based practice from Japan that quiets the mind by gently re-awakening our five senses; sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.  The session involves a sequence of soothing, nature-based readings, moments of stillness and poetry.


You’ll learn nature therapy techniques you can seamlessly integrate into your daily life, both at work and home.


Pam, a former corporate executive, has been an executive coach since 2009.  During the pandemic she introduced outdoor coaching sessions to her clients offering relief from stress, depression, and anxiety. Clients reported physiological and psychological benefits, including enhanced clarity, hopefulness, and energy, along with reduced levels of stress. Pam recently journeyed to Japan to study with forest bathing guides, and she brings this enriched experience to our class.


You don’t want to miss this opportunity for community, and to reap the rewards of reconnecting with the serenity of nature.

Forest Bathing (April 24, 6-7:30PM)

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