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Join Jennifer Bast for this special Soul Collage Workshop on Wednesday, July 31 from 6-8PM at 7430 US-42 Suite 216 in Florence, KY.


SoulCollage is an intuitive art journaling process that helps us connect with our deep knowing. Created by psychotherapist, Seena Frost, SoulCollage is used in clinical settings as well as spiritual and individual practices. Images from books and magazines are upcycled into meaningful works of art and read to gain insight from our soul’s wisdom. It's a great tool for connecting with those unexpressed, subconscious parts of our souls that affect our lives and want to be seen. 


Jen Bast has been practicing SoulCollage since 2018. She found it to be an invaluable healing tool that helped her tap into her intuition and personal wisdom. The more she learned about the effect of unconscious beliefs on our thoughts and behaviors, she found that the process of collaging images led to greater awareness than intellect alone.


One of her favorite things about facilitating SoulCollage workshops is that it empowers people with an affordable and accessible tool they can continue to practice on their own. 

Soul Collage Workshop (July 31, 6-8PM)

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